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Giveaways abound online, based around every Holiday, theme and cause. A few are excellent, while a lot of others throw together the standard Resell Rights products that have been floating around the web for a while and can now be given away. So noted PLR Master Doug Champigny and article marketing specialist Xavier Nelson set out to create something new, something special - and once they hit upon it, they invited their 'Big-Dog' friends to join in. The result? YOU win - in Round Six of the most powerful giveaway to hit the Internet to date...


FreePLR - The WORLD'S FIRST All-PLR Giveaway - Round 6!!!

That's Right - For 9 Days you'll be able to download all these fresh products - all with PLR rights thrown in! Just like products you've created yourself, but perhaps even better, since you didn't have to invest the time to create them...


Lately, there's been a disturbing trend on PLR offers - limiting the uses you can benefit from with the PLR resources. Oh sure, they tell you it's just like the resources you write yourself - but you can't give them away, can't sell them below a certain price (a practice, by the way, that's illegal in Canada and the US, and probably a lot of other countries), can't offer them as bonuses, can't add them to membership sites and/or that you can't bundle them with other products. What happened to your 'Rights'?

Well, Your Rights Have Been Restored! The PLR products you're downloading here over the next 9 days all come with...

Private Label Rights!

Yes - You can do ANYTHING you like with your new downloads. You're getting full, unrestricted Private Label Rights to great products from:

Doug Champigny

Willie Crawford

Paul Evans

Joel Osborne

Jeff Dedrick

Kathe Lucas &
Denise Hall

Kez Engineer

Nicole Dean

Mike Paetzold

Tuks Engineer

Ric Raftis

Dee Ferdinand

Barry Richardson

Mike Mazzella

Edmund Loh

Ginny Culp

Micheal Savoie

Aurelius Tjin

Ian del Carmen

Jason DeVelvis

High-powered Internet Marketers from all around the world, all pooling their efforts to bring you the World's First All-PLR Giveaway JV Event. Fill out and submit the form below to get access to your download links - and enjoy your new Unrestricted Private Label Rights Resources!


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